Amnesty International job: the possibility for ambitious specialists

58 years ago, on May 28, 1961, an independent human rights organization, Amnesty International, was established in London to advocate for human rights. All the organization’s work is based on a fundamental belief: the protection of human rights is a universal responsibility outside the borders of states, races, and ideologies.

This is one of the most active non-governmental international organizations active in the field of the informal protection of human rights. The organization’s charter stipulates that this goal will be achieved by providing support to victims of unlawful arrests and detentions, countering the unlawful detention of individuals in violation of their freedom of conscience and political opinion, opposing the imposition of the death penalty, torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of people.

The organization initially positioned itself as apolitical and impartial. The International Secretariat in London has a Research Department, which collects and analyzes information from various sources. These are hundreds of media outlets, government bulletins, reports from lawyers and humanitarian organizations, as well as letters from prisoners and their families.

Annually, Amnesty International publishes the overall results of its activities in a report, financed mainly by membership fees and private donations. But under no circumstances does it apply or accept money from governments and has the official status of a UN human rights adviser.

Amnesty International jobs

 Amnesty International vacancies

The main responsibilities of the Amnesty International specialist will be work on:

  • an increase in the number and diversity of people involved in various activities of Amnesty International (hereinafter – AI),
  • the formation and implementation of long-term cooperation in various formats with activists different regions;
  • the formation of the image of human rights activism and AI as a human rights activist movement to achieve positive changes in human rights in the world.

Candidate Requirements

A candidate for Amnesty International job should have experience in attracting and mobilizing people in various public campaigns /programs /activities, organizing and conducting informational and educational activities (training and other activities of non-formal education, webinars, interactive educational events, etc.), mentoring and coordination, including remotely, people involved in projects; be ready to present a strategic vision for the development of the “activism” trend and propose a short plan for its implementation; be punctual and able to meet deadlines and determine priorities; be able to work in a team and administer work in several areas at the same time; be ready to periodically go on business trips to different settlements for establishing contacts and cooperation with local activists.

It is desirable that a candidate has a work experience /activism within the framework of human rights issues, awareness and understanding of the human rights situation in the world; experience in collaborating /communicating with discriminated /stigmatized groups is an added benefit; experience in project management and conducting primary reporting in the framework of the organization of events (trips, training, etc.).

As an application, you must send a cover letter with a description of motivation, as well as how your experience, skills, and knowledge meet the requirements for the position; full CV (without photo). The cover letter and resume should be in English.

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