Get a job at UN: a guide for those who are willing to try

Get a job at UN. The UN is famous for its international staff. Management employees work for the benefit of the organization in all corners of the planet, implementing daily projects, and building ambitious plans for the future. Today, the Secretariat serves all the main UN units following internal regulations and adopted political guidelines. The head of the department is the Secretary General. He directly runs the headquarters in New York.

Work in regional offices

Most of the official branches of the UN are based in Geneva. Therefore, everyone who wants to start a fruitful career in this United Nations Office is coming here. Most often, young and experienced professionals try their hand at the Information and Propaganda Department, as well as at the Coordination Headquarters.

Risk managers with an MBA or DBA diploma can get a job in the analytical departments of the Geneva branch. In addition, the Office for Disaster Reduction and the Office for Human Rights, as well as UNECE, operate under the jurisdiction of the Secretariat in Switzerland.

Regional offices of the UN have been opened in Vienna and Nairobi, which work closely with the main office. Therefore, those professionals who seek to quickly climb the career ladder are recommended to go to these units. On the other hand, vacancies in them are often closed, and the level of requirements is much higher than in other branches. Important projects and programs are being prepared in Nairobi, Geneva, and Vienna. Any slightest mistake will cost the place of work.

As for the other regional offices, they are in Bangkok, Addis Ababa, Beirut, and Santiago. However, in these cities, the branches of the UN are engaged in purely economic issues. Specialists without the appropriate education and work experience have nothing to do there.

Get a job at UN

Principles of work in the UN

Collaboration with the United Nations provides an opportunity to work in a diverse and dynamic cultural environment, to get the maximum professional practical skills, to establish international relations, to become part of a big world, an alliance that every day stands on the protection of every person on the planet.

Work in the UN is not limited to a narrow circle of activities and communication. Specialists of the organization constantly interact with all other UN departments, with the governments of different countries, with public and civil organizations, with the media. Each management employee has an important and interesting task to which he must devote a certain segment of his life.

Applying for a job

Specialists of any gender and nationality can get a job at UN. Certain privileges for employment are enjoyed by persons with disabilities. Almost all vacancies for any types of contracts are open for them.

The procedure for applying for employment is to send a free online application. Each candidate must fill out a standard application form and send it to the email. Further, applicants await a response. If it did not come, then this means a denial of employment. However, any candidate has the right to re-apply. Profiles are stored in the management database for one year.