UN volunteer job: an opportunity for people with no experience

By deciding to get a UN volunteer job, you are contributing to the work of the UN in protecting human rights, peace, and development.

Volunteers will have to cope with tasks of various kinds and candidates should be ready to work in different places and should be able to quickly adapt to life in different conditions and work under different circumstances. Participants cannot choose their work (work is determined by the needs of the organization, and not by personal preferences of employees); and the participant’s final place of work will be known only after the candidate has been hired and after he arrives at work.

The vast majority of programs are designed for volunteer work for up to 12 months. All volunteers during the internship sign a renewable contract for a period of 6 to 12 months.

Organizers pay trainees:

  1. Accommodation for the entire internship period at the place of internship.
  2. A monthly allowance to cover basic living expenses.
  3. Transportation costs to the place of internship and vice versa.
  4. Life insurance, medical insurance.
  5. Annual leave.
  6. Relocation allowance, which is calculated at the end of the internship and paid upon satisfactory completion of the internship.
UN volunteer job

Candidate Requirements

Candidates who may have higher education, have 2 years of experience in a similar field, are at least 25 years old (for work abroad) and at least 18 years old (for work in the applicant’s home country), are fluent in at least one of the three working languages of the UN: English, French, or Spanish; have the desire to volunteer, can work in an intercultural setting, can adapt to difficult conditions, have good organizational skills, have experience working as a volunteer, or working in one of the developing countries have the best possibilities to get into the UN volunteer job. You can fill out the application in English, French, or Spanish. Volunteers can work abroad, in their home country (if there is a need for volunteers) and online.

Volunteering online

Since 2020, the UN has launched an international online volunteering program. The United Nations Volunteer Program (UNV) promotes sustainable development of humanity by helping people in the world.

Online volunteering gives opportunities to organizations and volunteers to come together to solve the problems of development from any place of the world via the Internet. Online volunteering is fast, easy, and, most importantly, effective.

By becoming a UN Volunteer, you can cooperate with specialists from different places of the world and become a part of a world online community of colleagues who have the aim of promoting human development.

Directions of volunteering that are now open:

  • Writing and editing
  • Translation
  • Art and design
  • Development and project management
  • Research
  • Technology development
  • Outreach
  • Teaching and learning
  • Public organization
  • Administration
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Organization of events

On the site, you can immediately evaluate how long your volunteer contribution will take.