UN Jobs in Ethiopia: Types of Jobs

Many people would like to change the world for the better. If you are one of those who want to contribute to the well-being of people, nations, and countries, working for the UN is just what the doctor ordered. UN Jobs in Ethiopia can help you to unfold your potential and broaden your horizons. Ethiopia is one of the founding UN members, so you will have a vast choice of job openings. Equality, prosperity, proper education – that’s what the UN is focused on. Depending on the working category you will choose, you will be working with a team of professionals, having a noble aim of poverty and hunger eradication, infrastructure development, equality implementation. Many people are dreaming about getting a job in the UN, but sometimes it may not be an easy task.

un jobs in ethiopia

UN Jobs in Ethiopia: Categories

The best way to get a better understanding of what you are looking for is to browse the official website and get acquainted with job openings and requirements. The vacancies are numerous and diverse. Some of them require many years of working experience and a master’s degree, while others don’t require any of those. There are several categories of jobs, including field service, professional and higher categories, internships, national professional officers, general service, consultants. You can filter jobs presented on the official website using such filters, as the area, and job category. Thus, your search will be easier. It’s important not to overestimate your abilities and qualification. Ask yourself a question about whether you are ready for it, as there are usually many candidates ready to compete. 

UN Jobs in Ethiopia: How to Apply?

If you are completely sure you want it and you are ready for it, you may try yourself and apply. This procedure is not a complicated one, but you should be super careful and attentive not to make any mistakes when applying. So, what you’ll have to do?

  1. Visit the career.un.org and choose “Ethiopia” to get acquainted with the job openings available.
  2. Having selected a job, register at inspira.un.org. and provide all the necessary information (your qualification, cover letter, etc.).
  3. Voila – you can go back to the vacancy of your choice and apply. Simply click the “Apply” button and wait for the response (it may take up to several weeks). If accepted, you will be invited for an interview.